“You’re absolutely crazy, you know that right?” she chuckled as I continued to pack my bag for the day.

“I’m not crazy,” I replied, “They’re professionals, they know what they’re doing!” She raised her eyebrows as if to give a silent, yeah right. “I’m not crazy!” I repeated.

“No, you’re not crazy,” she conceded, “you’re an adrenaline junkie… ALSO you’re about to waste almost 300 dollars on a 50/50 chance of dying.” It was my turn to raise my eyebrows. Ellen was the perfect substitute mum. The only problem was that when Ellen’s motherly alter ego decided to make an appearance… well… she was a bit of a killjoy. No. She was a MASSIVE killjoy.

“Ellen… please, just leave it. I’m doing it, okay?” I sighed.

“Fine,” she replied, crossing her arms in a faux-angry response, “Throw yourself out of a plane. See if I care!”

“You don’t want to join me then?” I joked, ready for her to take the bait.

“No, I do not, thank you… you know adrenaline isn’t good for you? I mean neither is plummeting towards the earth at full speed but…” I turned to look at Ellen as she tailed off and giggled to myself. God, I love this girl but we couldn’t be more opposite if we tried. That’s the thing about long term best friends. When you’re younger then it’s easy to bond over Barbies, or in our case, Power Rangers. The only problem is that you can’t play with dolls when you’re in your twenties… or really any age over 10 to be honest and then the differences start to reveal themselves.

“Wish me luck!” I called as I went to leave our dorm room. I felt something big and solid hit me from behind and then a pair of arms wrapped around me.

“Don’t die” she giggled as she continued to hug me from behind.

“Alright, you wet blanket,” I replied, whilst trying to stop myself from laughing, “I’ll see you later!”


“Are you ready?” He said from behind me, as he finished attaching our harnesses together.

“Ready as I’ll ever be!” I replied, desperately trying to hide the wobble in my voice. It was easy enough to put a front on for Ellen… not so easy when you it was actually becoming a reality. There was no turning back at this point.

“Okay, let’s do this. When the light turns green, we’ll be out second. Remember, head back, body straight and arms out when I tap your shoulder.” I giggled at his instructions. That nervous energy was hitting me hard. My heart was beating insanely fast. Adrenaline was coursing through me (as cliché as that sounds, there really is no better way to describe it). The grin on my face reached from ear to ear. Does anyone ever throw up when they do this? Oh god. Green. Breathe. Breathe.

“Let’s go!” I could barely hear him over the wind outside… or was that just the thumping in my ears? I couldn’t tell. It wasn’t important. Right. Breathe. Head back. Arms crossed. Oh my god. Shit. Go…


Bethany Carter 0018

Bethany Carter 0022

Bethany Carter 0046

Bethany Carter 0081

Bethany Carter 0085


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