“I don’t get it…” he grumbled, turning away from the painting towards Rita.

“What do you mean you don’t get it?” she sighed.

“I just don’t get it. Look at it!” He gestured towards the nearest piece of artwork. “I could do that.” Rita moved on to the next painting without saying a word. He slowly followed behind her, dragging his feet just enough to be annoying but not so much that he turned the heads of everyone else in the room.

“Jack, look at this one. When you look at this painting how…”

“Come on,” he stopped her mid-sentence. “Do not, for the love of god, ask me how I feel when I look at that painting.” She stared back at him and waited a second before beginning to speak again.

“When I look at this painting I feel sad,” she continued as if talking to herself, “I can almost put myself in her shoes…”

“That’s a woman?!” he snorted.

“I can almost put myself in her shoes,” she continued, “I can almost imagine what she is thinking. I can imagine what he is thinking as he paints. Did you know that his wife shot herself after he died? She was lonely. Loneliness is such an odd feeling, don’t you think? Have you ever been surrounded by people but deep down feel nothing but true loneliness? It is a very conflicting feeling. She shot herself 13 years after he died. It’s incredible…” she tailed off and continued walking as he stared after her. He rarely got to hear her say so much. Some days she would be an impenetrable fortress and other days she would blow his mind. Again, he slowly followed behind her.

“Didn’t he chop off his ear or something?” he asked in desperate attempt to keep her talking. She rolled her eyes and turned.

“That was Vincent Van Gogh silly!” she giggled as she walked through to the next room. He sighed. The moment was over. It was always surface level with Rita. He literally only ever scratched the surface. She’d say ‘I love you’ but he would never be 100% certain that she truly meant it, but every now and then she’d open up ever so slightly and he’d glimpse that pearl hidden inside. She was a puzzle and even after a year together, he still hadn’t figured her out. He loved that about her.







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